Certified Chiroprator, chiropractic neurologist, swedish, deep tissue massage, reflexology

Dr. Lisa Polevoy utilizes NAET® to restore health, wellness and inner peace. NAET physical, physiological and emotional clearings, along with nutritional support and detoxification, restore vibrational wholeness of our energetic system, while bringing us into relationship with our true essence and the world around us.


Initial Consultation: In the initial consultation, we will discuss your history, current issues and symptoms. We will test your organ's meridian system and blockages to basic nutrients. This session includes the first NAET treatment session for the vial Brain Body Balancing, which tunes your meridian system in preparation for future clearings.

Treatment Visits: Treatments begin with the basic nutrients starting with Egg, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Sugar, Iron, Vitamin A, Minerals, Salt, Grains, Yeast, Stomach Acid, Enzymes, Hormones and Organs. Emotional vials are added to sessions following Sugar. Once the basic nutrients are cleared, other allergens are treated.

Initial Consultation 1.5 hours: Adults: $225
Treatment visits:
30 min session: (Allows for one vial clearing)- $95
Hour session: (Allows for 2 or more vials including emotional vials)- $135

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To schedule call 510-647-3825 or e-mail drpolevoy@comcast.net

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