Certified Chiroprator, chiropractic neurologist, swedish, deep tissue massage, reflexology

Dr. Lisa Polevoy utilizes NAET® to restore health, wellness and inner peace. NAET physical, physiological and emotional clearings, along with nutritional support and detoxification, restore vibrational wholeness of our energetic system, while bringing us into relationship with our true essence and the world around us.


Even when eating a well balanced diet, deficiencies occur when your body's energy is blocked to the energy of nutrients like vitamins A, B, C, D, minerals, iron, etc. Over time, our immune system and organs become sluggish making us more susceptible to illness, stress and our environment.

Our bodies also accumulate toxins including exhaust, radiation, mercury, aluminum, food additives, pesticides, mold, bacteria, cleaning agents, etc. The liver is our main detoxifying organ. Cleansing and detoxify the liver and intestines is important to restore health and proper digestion.

Nutritional imbalances and toxicity overload lead to unwanted symptoms including fatigue, mental fog, memory loss, skin rashes, anxiety, depression, indigestion, moodiness, constipation, bloating, headaches, insomnia, inflammation, pain syndromes, bad body odor, etc.

NAET basic nutritional clearings allow the body to better absorb and utilize nutrients. Proper diet and nutritional supplementation are often essential to build back the body's strength. In addition, NAET clearings of toxins along with cleansing and detoxification supports the body back to health.

Nutritional Consultation: $185
Follow up Consultations: $65

Whole Life Energy is an Advanced NAET® Clinic
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