In Dr. Nambudripad’s book, “Resetting Your Emotions”, she explains how emotional factors contribute to allergies and illness. Dr. Polevoy specializes in emotional treatments to help recover one’s true self from abuse, traumatic events, core beliefs, self-hatred, negative thinking and disconnection.

Emotional trauma including abuse, abandonment, neglect, divorce, PTSD, serious illness, assault, injury, shock, death of a loved one, etc. weakens the body, lowering the immune system’s response. Negative frequency feelings like anxiety, insomnia, mood issues, shame, guilt, irritability, anger create blockages that separate us from our core and distort how we see and interact with the world.

There is often an emotional component to allergies. Clearing emotional blockages often relieves allergy symptoms and removes patterns of unwanted behavior and suffering. Patients feel a reconnection to themselves allowing for emotional and physical healing and transformation.