Certified Chiroprator, chiropractic neurologist, swedish, deep tissue massage, reflexology

Dr. Lisa Polevoy utilizes NAET® to restore health, wellness and inner peace. NAET physical, physiological and emotional clearings, along with nutritional support and detoxification, restore vibrational wholeness of our energetic system, while bringing us into relationship with our true essence and the world around us.


NAET® (www.naet.com) uses NST (Neuromuscular Sensitivity Testing or Muscle Testing) to identify blockages in the body's energy field. When a patient holds a vial containing the energy of a substance, for example stomach acid, and their strong muscle goes weak, then their energy is blocked to the energy of stomach acid. NAET treatment clears the blockage by tuning the patient's energy to the energy of stomach acid. This allows the body to utilize the substance to better break down their food.

Clearing emotional blockages is essential to building back a healthy energetic system. Fear, shame, apathy, hopelessness, depression, loneliness, envy, guilt, love, hate, heartbreak are just a few emotions that can weigh down our energy field.

Treatment Includes:

  • Restore proper nutritional balance.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Reduce and eliminate food cravings and addiction.
  • Restores healthy organ and digestive function.
  • Reduce and eliminates allergies.
  • Emotional awareness, balance and growth.

The initial consultation includes the first NAET® treatment. You will gain a better understanding of your energy system blockages causing your allergies. We will discuss your health history and begin to formulate a treatment plan.

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