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NAET® is a natural, non-invasive healing modality based on the principles of Chinese and Holistic medicine. NAET works to clear blockages in your body's energy field. Treatments strengthen and heal on three levels: physical, cellular, and emotional.

Initial treatment sessions focus on clearing basic nutrients like proteins, vitamins and minerals, to improve absorption and utilization. Individualized nutritional counseling supports replenishment and digestive function. As the body becomes healthier, the immune system strengthens which reduces allergic reactions. NAET treatments continue, clearing other energetic blockages including: body fluids, organs, tissues, food, candida, mold, radiation, bacteria, parasites, animal hair/dander, pollen, toxins, other allergens, and emotions.

NAET emotional clearings are essential. Life's experiences often create blockages in our energy field to emotions such as fear, shame and guilt. These blockages are like veils that separate us from our core essence and distort how we see and interact with the world around us. Clearing emotional blockages often reveals and removes patterns of unwanted behavior and suffering. Patients feel a reconnection to themselves allowing for emotional healing and transformation.

NAET® was created by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, MD, DC, LAc, PhD in 1983. To learn more, visit www.naet.com

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Whole Life Energy is an Advanced NAET® Clinic
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